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Remember Me -- Chantilly White

Perfection In Pearls -- Chantilly White

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50 Shades of Black Bean Soup
by Chantilly White

Passionate Perogies
by Chantilly White

Sassy Cinnamon Pudding
by Chantilly White


Cookbook -- Chantilly White

Bake, Love, WriteAuthor Cookbook

Title: Bake, Love, Write:105 Authors Share Dessert Recipes and Advice on Love and Writing

Publication date: September 16, 2014


Chantilly was excited to be asked to contribute to another author cookbook, and this one is all about desserts! Plus it contains advice from 105 authors, across multiple genres, on love anad writing. Be sure to try Chantilly's recipe, “Chocolate Caramel Brownie Sin,” and let her know how you like it!

Here’s more info on the cookbook:
“What do most authors have in common, no matter what genre they write? They love desserts. Sweets sustain them through pending deadlines and take the sting out of crushing rejection letters and nasty reviews. They also often celebrate their successes—selling a book, winning a writing award, making a bestseller list, or receiving a fabulous review—with decadent indulgences. And when authors chat with each other, they often talk about their writing and their lives. Recipes. Writing. Relationships. In this cookbook 105 authors not only share their favorite recipes for fabulous cakes, pies, cookies, candy, and more, they also share the best advice they’ve ever received on love and writing.”

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CookbookAuthor Cookbook

Title: Sweet & Savory Cookbook by Amazon Authors: Over 70 Recipes!

Publication date: April 28, 2014

Amazon ASIN: B00K08SI3S

In addition to the free recipes Chantilly provided here on her website, above, she was thrilled to be asked to contribute several new recipes to a cookbook with thirty-four other up-and-coming Amazon authors. Once you've tried Chantilly's recipes, be sure to find her on your favorite social media site and let her know how you liked them!

The e-cookbook sells for just 99 cents and is only available in Amazon stores worldwide. Grab your copy today! Direct links to the US and a few international Amazon stores are included, below, but if your Amazon store isn't listed, simply copy the Amazon ASIN, above, paste it into your Amazon store's search bar, and the cookbook will come right up.

Here's more about the cookbook:

Can authors cook? You bet your Sweet & Savory recipes they can! From soup to nuts, literally, you'll find a little bit of everything in here:

Sugar Cookies, Shrimp Creole, Apple Pie, Filet Mignon, Chocolate Cheesecake, Fried Chicken, Scones, Caesar Salad, Beef Kabobs, Gluten Free Brownies, Oatmeal Cookies, Chicken Soup, Cinnamon Rolls, Strawberry Tarts, even a Gingerbread House, Gnocchi With Pesto, Fiesta Chicken, Mac Nut Ahi, Greek Salad, Sukiyaki, Clam Chowder, Oyster Burgers, Chili, Chicken Kiev, Chicken Gumbo, Chocolate Tarts, Jam, and many more.

In this cookbook you'll find over 70 recipes from 35 Amazon authors. Each recipe comes with a quote from the book it represents and the Amazon link to buy the book. What are you having for dinner?

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funstuff -- Chantilly White

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Works In Progress

Loving Lacey—What happens when your geeky high school nemesis moves in next door, all grown up and impossibly sexy? Lacey's about to find out. . .

Bare With Me—When a married couple loses every bit of privacy due to familial obligations, a little love in the great outdoors might just prove to be the saving grace for their strained relationship.

Pearls of Persuasion—Orphaned and penniless after the Crash of 1929, a former society princess will do anything to survive. . . even pose for a shocking portrait artist. Their illicit transaction is bad enough. Falling in love with the roué is out of the question.