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Pearl of Passion -- Chantilly White

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Pearls of Passion – February 29, 2012 – ISBN: 9781465726469

Shy librarian Sabrina has had her heart set on Robert, her hunky, reserved colleague, for months. Now she's taking matters into her own hands. . . and anywhere else she can manage. But once she's had her way with him, will she end up with the love match she craves even more than his luscious body?

A short, H-O-T contemporary romance, Pearls of Passion is 6,000 words (about 15 pages).

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"An excellent short story, where a long-simmering attraction finally explodes in a sexy encounter at the library! ...Chantilly White delivers, with enough characterization and heated lovemaking to make any reader breathless. ~Anthea Lawson, RITA nominated author of Passionate, All He Desires, and more

"Ms. White had me from the first sentence. When I found out the hero was a Clark Kent type, she really had me. She does a great job of drawing out the tension and drawing you into the story." ~Jami Davenport, author of Fourth and Goal, Down By Contact, and more

"Makes you wish that you were one of the couple. Great story!" ~Amazon reviewer


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Extra Info for Pearls of Passion:
Pearls of Passion is a spicy-hot contemporary romance and a short story of 6000 words (approximately 17 pages.)

Sabrina: A shy librarian who has been lusting after her delicious coworker, Robert, for many months.

Secret fear: That no one will ever see beneath her conservative-librarian exterior unless she takes her courage in hand and makes them. . . specifically, Robert.

Robert: Considers himself a geeky librarian and has been totally oblivious to the fact that Sabrina, a girl he's had his eye on for some time, is interested in him, as well.

Secret fear: That he is doomed to a vanilla life, when what he craves is sinfully sweet and delicious chocolate. . . in the form of his very sexy co-worker, Sabrina, who doesn't seem to know he's alive.

This steamy short story takes place entirely inside a public library.



Sabrina licked her crimson lips, adjusted the low V of her scarlet satin blouse a bit lower, the black mini a bit higher. She admired the toned cut of her thigh muscles and the creamy swell of her breasts in the glass as she pushed through the double doors of the county library on ice-pick, black-patent stilettos. She could do this. If her heart was beating a bit too fast and her breathing was a bit, well, breathy, that would just help set the stage.

Mr. I’m-Too-Shy-To-Ask-You-Out was going to get a Valentine’s Day surprise like no other.

She’d timed her entry carefully, just a few moments before closing. The parking lot outside had already emptied of all but her prey’s vehicle, and as the doors closed behind her, the lights in the back began to click off, row by row.


At the check-out counter, Sabrina cleared her stage. She shoved a stack of books off to the side, tossed file folders on the desk chair, then topped them off with the computer, complete with mouse and keyboard. Stage set. Now for the centerpiece.

Hopping up on the counter, she arranged herself along its length, her legs crossed, the top knee bent just so. Her head propped on one hand, Sabrina posed the other at her hip, feet dangling. She made sure the mini skirt rode right below the Promised Land over her bare legs, the V in her blouse more than hinting at the braless contents beneath the satin. She tossed her long chocolate-brown hair over her shoulder and planted a come-hither smile on her lips just as Robert strode around the corner of the closest aisle of books.

Then had to stop that smile from turning into a triumphant grin when Robert stopped dead in his tracks, mouth agape, as books tumbled from his grasp.

“Wha-wha—?” he choked out as she all but saw his tongue roll up in his mouth. And didn’t he look adorable in his blue button-down and wire-rimmed glasses? She was going to take him from Clark Kent to Superman in zero-to-sixty.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Robert,” Sabrina said, her voice a low purr, just as she’d practiced. This seduction thing wasn’t so hard after all. He was already shaking in his black leather loafers.

“What are you doing?” he finally got out. “Um, doing here,” he amended, blushing (and wasn’t that adorable, too?), because it was probably quite obvious, even to him, exactly what she was doing.

“Why, waiting for you, of course.” She smiled at him again, that slow, slow smile, the one she knew raised his blood pressure several notches whenever she laid it on him, which was as often as possible. Not that he’d done anything about it, but she was going to change that.

Right now.

Enjoying her temptress role even more than she’d expected, Sabrina stroked a red-tipped fingernail over the rope of pearls circling her neck. She even batted her lashes.

“For—for me?” Clearly the oxygen had left the building. She’d never seen him so incoherent. “What—what happened to you?” he asked, waving his hand to encompass her transformation from dowdy librarian to, she hoped, sultry siren. Amazing what a pair of contact lenses and a day at the spa could do for a girl. She was buffed, polished, and decked out in her best friend’s recommendation for total seduction success.

So far, so good. Sabrina’s confidence level rose several notches with Robert’s every stammer. Purr, keep purring. “Oh, do you like it? I felt like a little change.”

“A little. . .” He swallowed hard. “Um, change. Yes. Good.”

Why the hell had she waited so long to go for him? He was nearly panting, and he hadn’t even gotten close enough yet for a whiff of her spicy new perfume.

Sabrina took the finger circling the pearls at her neck and dropped it by slow degrees down her throat, her chest, into the velvety hollow between her breasts. She drew it up and down, once, twice, thrice, and when his eyes glazed she continued the path over her torso, tracing the line of tiny pearl buttons down the front of her blouse to the narrow black-patent belt at her waist.

Robert stood frozen in place, the books forgotten by his feet. Even at twenty paces, Sabrina could see the heavy beat of his pulse at the base of his throat.

The blood in her own veins danced a strange tango, surging with desire, then skittering with nerves. Months of small talk, longing glances, brushing against him while re-shelving books—all the subtle little hints she’d dropped to let him know she was interested flashed through her mind. Her friends said she was too subtle. Well, she couldn’t wait anymore. She wanted him. Badly enough to step way outside her comfort zone. Not just crossing the line from subtle to obvious. Blowing the line apart.

It was now or never.

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