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Remember Me -- Chantilly White

Perfection In Pearls -- Chantilly White

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Remember Me -- Chantilly White

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Remember Me -- February 28, 2015
ISBN Ebook: 9781311816306
ISBN-13 Print:
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Two strangers, bound by a tragic history and a lifetime of night terrors, struggle to find the strength and love buried deep inside themselves in order to break an ancient curse. If they're successful, they might just find their happily-ever-after, and free two anguished spirits to do the same. But first, they'll have to battle their personal demons and survive their trial by fire... 

Remember Me is a ghost-and-reincarnation-ish themed paranormal novel with romantic elements. Heat level: 1 (kisses and suggestive situations only, but does include some language.)

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“Chantilly White needs to be on your auto-buy list; I know she's on mine.”
–Lucy Monroe, USA Today bestselling author


Character Profiles

Remember Me is a Contemporary Paranormal Romance Novel (about 53,000 words), featuring ghostly and sort-of-not-really reincarnation elements.

Olivia Haven: An orphan, Olivia makes her living as an artist. She suffers from traumatic night terrors surrounding the deaths of her father, mother, and sister

Nathan Beaumont: CEO of Beaumont & Beaumont, he suffers from traumatic night terrors surrounding the death of his father

Amelia Donovan: A young girl on a farm-turned-B&B in Washington state, she fell in love with Roger

Roger Donovan: A young apprentice clockmaker, he fell in love with Amelia

Samuel Beaumont: Nathan’s younger brother. He works at Beaumont & Beaumont with Nathan and worries about his older brother when the dreams are bad

Wayne Beaumont: Nathan’s father (d)

Amelia’s Father (unnamed/d): A widower, Amelia was everything to him

The Clockmaker (unnamed/d): Roger worked as his apprentice, and he was instrumental in helping Roger and Amelia when her father was uncooperative

Olivia’s Mother (unnamed/d)

Jessie Haven: Olivia’s sister (d)

Francis Singleton: Olivia’s father (d)

Mrs. Winston: Nathan’s secretary

Madame Lucille: Psychic 

Remember Me takes place in Seattle, Washington, an undisclosed location in the mountains of Washington state, and in Victoria, BC.




“Do I know you?” he asked, his own voice far too weak to suit him.

“I’m Amelia,” she said. “Amelia Donovan.”

He didn’t know any Amelias. He didn’t know any delicate little blonds who made him want to run as far away as possible or gather them into his arms and never let go, either. A total stranger shouldn’t make him feel either of those things.

But she did.

He didn’t like it one bit, but he couldn’t dredge up his annoyance through the storm of emotions rioting in his system.

“Nathan Beaumont,” he said, using his best professional tone rather than the deeply intimate timbre in his head. He kept his eyes on her face and off the curvy body hidden beneath her outrageously ugly dress. “It’s nice to meet you,” he added, though he wasn’t sure he meant it.

“And you,” she said.

They stood that way, him in the yard, her on the porch, gazing at each other in the glen’s deep silence.

Had the world stopped spinning? Had it, in fact, ended? They could be the only two people left in existence following some unknown Armageddon, secreted away beneath the protective dome of mountains and clear blue sky. He doubted he could feel any more displaced from reality, any more removed from the outside world, than he did at that moment.

Maybe he was coming down with something. Illness would explain the lightheaded feverishness making his head whirl.

When she spoke, it did nothing to break the spell. Her voice wound around him like song, lifting his spirits despite his disquiet.

“Won’t you come in?” she asked, stepping aside and gesturing to the open door at her back with a graceful sweep of her arm.

Hoisting his bags more firmly, Nathan disguised a deep breath behind the suitcase, trying to settle the nerves skittering over his skin. Why did he feel like he was stepping off a speeding merry-go-round into an alternate universe?

Amelia moved aside to allow him to precede her over the narrow threshold. At the last moment, he shifted further to the right to avoid brushing against any part of her, rubbing hard against the doorframe instead. Another wave of nausea swamped him as he crossed into the entryway.

He was definitely coming down with something.

The woman’s scent enfolded him. Something warm. Fresh and floral like the vibrant honeysuckle twining through the picket fence outside, with just a hint of spice. He breathed deep, and somehow it soothed the sick swooping in his belly.

Out of the sun, it took his eyes a moment to adjust to the darker reaches of the short hall. A coat rack stood to one side with a woman’s overcoat draped on the arm and an umbrella stuck into a stand at its feet. Honey-tinged wood floors were covered with colorful braided rugs, and lace doilies covered the arms of chairs he could see through the archway to his right. A fireplace, its brick edge just visible from his position in the hall, stood dark on such a warm day, though logs and kindling awaited the strike of a match to make a cheerful blaze.

Simplicity shone everywhere he looked, and warm welcome, but the niggle on the back of his neck throbbed more urgently. He turned his head to take in the room on his left, but the nausea rolled back, and he halted the motion.

Something was definitely off. He couldn’t shake the sensation that he stood on the precipice, poised over a yawning maw of…

Of what?

Some sort of trouble, but for the life of him, he didn’t know what kind or from what direction it might attack.

Amelia closed the door at their backs and stepped around him toward the straight flight of stairs leading to the upper story, her hands folded at her waist, her slender fingers worrying each other.

“Shall we go up?”

“Please.” With a disparaging glance down his length, he indicated his filthy state. “I’d like to wash.”

“Of course,” she murmured, leading the way to the stairs.

Passing the archways off the entry, a shudder worked its way over his body, and he nearly stumbled again as the infernal nausea rose once more in his gut.

His gaze, pulled unwillingly to the room on his left, took in the pleasant décor, the homey touches, yet horror raced over his skin. It blanked his mind, and his feet seemed trapped in cement blocks.

He did not want to go in that room.

~ End Excerpt ~

Remember Me is available on all major e-book retailers, and print is coming soon. Click your preferred Buy Link, above, to get your copy now!