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Perfection In Pearls -- Chantilly White

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Perfection In Pearls—December 2, 2014
ISBN Ebook: 9781311782885
ISBN-13 Print: 978-1503173194
ISBN-10 Print: 1503173194

Perfection In Pearls contains all three Pearls stories in the Passion For Pearls Series, which can be read in any order!

Pearls of Passion
Shy librarian Sabrina has had her heart set on Robert, her hunky, reserved colleague, for months. This Valentine's Day, she's taking matters into her own hands… and anywhere else she can manage…

Pearls of Wisdom
A long-simmering love. A proper proposal. One incredible night…
Billy Wingate has never been with a woman. He's never held a gun. In fact, he's never been outside his home state of Indiana. But it's 1942. The world is at war, and Billy's life is about to change forever…

Pearls of Pleasure
Firefighter David Coffey and his childhood sweetheart, Gwen, will try anything to save their once fiery passion…

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"It definitely left me wanting more...much more." ~Amazon reviewer

"… amazingly steamy, shockingly real… At this point, even if Ms. White's next book is her grocery list - I'm buying it, no questions asked." ~Amazon reviewer

"… this story is hot, hot, hot… An absolute must-read." ~Amazon reviewer


Character Profiles

Perfection In Pearls is an anthology containing all three Pearls stories in the Passion For Pearls Series: Pearls of Passion, Pearls of Wisdom, and Pearls of Pleasure.

Pearls of Passion is a spicy-hot contemporary romance and a short story of 6000 words.

Sabrina: A shy librarian who has been lusting after her delicious coworker, Robert, for many months.

Secret fear: That no one will ever see beneath her conservative-librarian exterior unless she takes her courage in hand and makes them. . . specifically, Robert.

Robert: Considers himself a geeky librarian and has been totally oblivious to the fact that Sabrina, a girl he's had his eye on for some time, is interested in him, as well.

Secret fear: That he is doomed to a vanilla life, when what he craves is sinfully sweet and delicious chocolate. . . in the form of his very sexy co-worker, Sabrina, who doesn't seem to know he's alive.

This steamy short story takes place entirely inside a public library.

Pearls of Wisdomis a coming-of-age romance dedicated to the servicemen and women of the United States military—past, present and future—and their loved ones.

Billy Wingate: A young soldier—and a virgin—on the eve of leaving to serve in World War II.

Biggest fear: That he waited too long to make his intentions known to April.

April Collins: Widowed town librarian, and the object of Billy's desire.

Secret regret: That she sent her first husband off to die in the war in anger.

Settings & Locations
This romantic tale takes place in Waterside, Indiana, a charming (fictional) small town along the shore of Lake Michigan, during World War II.

The Waterside town library: The library is small and intimate, a popular meeting place for the citizens of Waterside, where nearly everyone knows everyone else.

The home of April Collins: April's little yellow house sits beneath a giant sycamore and is surrounded by red and yellow roses. It's a warm, inviting home, just behind the library where she works.

Pearls of Pleasure is a story of the struggle between a husband and wife to save their marriage after one tragic night changes everything.

Gwen Coffey: An artist and teacher, she is married to her childhood sweetheart, David Coffey, a fireman who was seriously injured on the job. She is suffering delayed-onset panic attacks as a result of the fire her husband nearly died in.

Secret fear: That her panic attacks will continue to worsen until she completely drives David away.

David Coffey: David is a firefighter with the Big Bear Lake fire department. He was seriously injured in a fire that claimed the lives of his two best friends, Scott and Tony, three years prior to the opening of the novel (alluded to in the prologue.)

Secret fear: That Gwen's "panic attacks" are an excuse to avoid intimacy with him because she is repulsed by his scars from the fire.

Julie Carlisle: Gwen's best friend and widow to David's best friend, Scott, who died in the fire in which David was injured.
Biggest regret: That Scott didn't live to see his sons grow into men. She is determined to keep him present in their lives and raise them to honor his memory and sacrifice.

Dr. Ernest Sloan: The therapist Gwen and David see for help in overcoming the panic attacks Gwen suffers.

Philosophy: Healing takes guts and determination. He doesn't believe in babying his patients—they're going to actively work toward recovery, or else.

Settings & Locations
The primary locale for the novel is Big Bear Lake, California. Other places mentioned or traveled to include Highland, CA, San Bernardino, CA, Costa Mesa, CA, Riverside, CA and Victorville, CA.

Big Bear Lake: A small lake resort town in the San Bernardino mountains, Big Bear Lake, CA, is a popular all-season tourist location, but is especially popular in winter for the skiing available.

South Coast Plaza: Gwen and her friend Julie take a trip to South Coast Plaza, a popular, upscale shopping mall in Costa Mesa, CA.



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